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OMG is a 100% random result game without manipulation developed by AGA. It is an honest game that cannot inform others of the results of the next match because even we cannot know the results. Share your own picks through the chat room!

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Online mini games is an online betting platform by AGA (Alpha Gaming Arcade) for everyone which provides entertainment and chances to earn cash for our valuable users. We will add more online mini games for you in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to play OMG for beginners?
For each game, you will find a guide for players. You can easily get started with the game by following the guide.
2. How to get my earnings?
Each game offers different payouts. If you win the game, you can earn a profit proportional to the amount you bet.
3. How much is the minimum bet per round?
Although it depends on the type of currency, 1 US dollar is used as the smallest unit.
4. How to get an account?
You can start a game by contacting AGA Global, the game maker, or through a sales agent. Contact us now!

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